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Nick Martinez

Founder/Executive Producer


Darren H. Rae

Creative Director


Jessica Olthof

Head of Production

Shaan Aslam

Account Executive

Talent isn't born -- it's made. At Roann Films we have the work ethic and experience to enhance and expand upon our passion for film.


Blue-collar filmmaking is the term we use to describe ourselves. We started our careers as grips, camera, production and writing assistants, and we haven’t forgotten where we came from. We’ve learned how to be inventive and crafty, and our love for all aspects of filmmaking is evident in the caliber of our work.


We founded Roann Films with quality in mind. We wanted to establish a company and culture that reflected our determination and commitment to rousing and genuine storytelling.

From feature films to micro-budgeted projects, we've worked with clients as diverse as non-profits to Fortune 500 tech companies. We also bring our own creative narratives to life.


We work on films and projects that align with our own beliefs and ideals, and the result is content that is earnest, high quality, and -- ultimately -- human.



Barnaby Dallas

Story Consultant


Justin Olthof

Production Coordinator

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